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Friday, June 4, 2010

I Got Soul

*rapping*  "It's been a long time, that I left you.....without a strong beat to step to, step to"
LOL, This is the rap my husband starting rapping when I told him that my last post was April 8, 2010! Anyone remember that old rap by Eric B and Rakim (I think)?! Well, apparently Lance does. If you don't, take a'll give you a good laugh!

Anyways, I am so very sorry that I've been missing in action for a while.....I've been through alot in my personal life and haven't found the time to blog. Hope all of you are doing well! I'm anxious to get back into the swing of things!

Lately I've been into black and white, so I'll leave you with a few beautiful Inspiration's sort of like a peace offering!


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