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Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Small Reveal!!

I know, I know....a small reveal doesn't really sound that exciting, but I couldn't really call the reveal of our downstairs half bath BIG. It's actually pretty small! :) But I'm new to all this decorating I had to start small. Do you remember the before picture in my first post about it? Let me refresh your memory:

And here she is now...
Chrome is in the details...

The sink, toilet, and all the hardware was bought at Lowe' favorite hardware store. I purchased the frame from Big Lots for six bucks! The print out of the picture I got from Oh Brooke, only cost $3.00 to print out at Staples. The quality is much better than what I could achieve at home. The candle holders were $5.00 a piece from Kohls online and I purchased the soap dispenser from K-Mart.
Everything else was things I had lying around and waiting for a home!
Oh! Almost forgot....I put a metal basket under the sink with supplies with a few magazines under it.

Thanks for looking!!

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