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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Half-Bath Elements

The next space I am working on is the half bathroom downstairs. They say start that's exactly what I'm doing. And by small I mean REALLY small! Here's what I'm working with...

A blue slanted sink (to fit the space, no doubt), dusty orangish curtains complete with a valance, floor to ceiling floral wallpaper, and lovely vinyl flooring. And that's only what you can see in this picture...the list goes on!! :)

First things first...I reffered to Better Homes and Gardens for some advice. They me some great advice for when you are dealing with small baths:

Take a reflective look.
*expand the area with mirrors*

Treat windows simply.

...their bathrooms don't look small to me, but anyways...

Use Pearly Whites.

Lead the eye upward.

So I'm off with my BHG list and a few other elements I plan to incorporate. Even though it's a very small space, it will be the bath that guests use so I want it to look nice!

I'm starting with some leftover JCP blinds from my old kitchen, replaced by those famous West Elm curtains !

Then added this free print...first seen on Oh Brooke.

Added a frame.....

This frame is actually in competion with a number that I bought from a yardsale a while back complete with ribbed edges and a photo mat. We'll see! Any sugguestions??

The cutest Stainless steel trashcan EVER for $8 at Big Lots. Pleeeaase don't hate on Big Lots!! :)

Then alot of bling a.k.a. chrome in the details!! I have a few more things in mind but you'll have to wait to see them in my final pictures!!

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