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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Yeah....I Can Fly.

This was the title to the email I received from my husband this morning. Quoted from the movie, Iron Man. After several attempts, Iron Man realized that he had fixed his suit in such a way that allowed him to fly. Basically he was saying...I'm the man!! :) This is my husband's humorous email to my sister-in-law, her husband, and I:

"For all of you who have been follwing the many creative and courageous acts of Lance Maximus. I am here to announce yet one more. Now we need to have a moment of enlightenment and look at all the events that have gotten me here. Now I have learned to install the kitchen backsplash, change electrical sockets/switches, install dishwashers, hardwood flooring, and tile completed with a heating system. With the help of my lovely assistant (ME!) I installed a over the top neutron accelerator better known as a microwave oven. But all these things pale in comparison to what I did last night. That is......wait for it............ installing a water line from under the house! Yes, you heard right faithful Lance Maximus followers I have installed a water line. I had to drill a hole in my lovely harwood (dont tell my wife) and then I had to slowly and percisly lower a petroleum based water aperatus down the hole (better known and a plastic tube) and then hook that aperatus to a copper preinstalled water line under the house. Yes you heard right. I said under the house. So as of 6:52 PM on February 3, 2010, the water line for the fridge has become a reality. So taking a line from my fellow awesome entrpreneuer Iron Man, Yeah, I can fly.

Awesome is who I am, Amazed is what you should be............."
LOL, humble much??


  1. That is so funny! From the sounds of it I guess your husband isn't a handy man! I wish I could get my husband to do that....

  2. Yep, not much of a handy least not BEFORE this renovation! You save so much by DIY! We were originally going to hire someone for this job but he figured it out and was quite proud of himself!