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Friday, February 5, 2010

Our Staircase Transformation

I recently bought Lance both the first and second Transformer movies and like a little boy he watched them over and over again. :) Now I can relate to my husband's fixation with the Transformers... It reminds me of my fixation with a good before and after. You can never see enough!! I still get awe-struck and amazed over some of the before and after pictures I see on blogs like Design Sponge, DIY Showoff, Better After and don't get me started on In the Fun Lane's BEAUTIFUL furniture makeovers!

It's from those amazing bloggers, that inspire me to do a little transforming myself. Step over Optimus, and take a look at the before of our staircase:

Pretty rough, huh? There is no telling what that nasty thing would have done to my man's allergies! But I had hope with inspiration from House Beautiful like this:

So after buying a few supplies, I am pleased that the staircase now looks like this:

I kept the original railing and cleaned it and applied polyurethane to it. I did have to replace the bottom tread because underneath all that was broken. The best part is a friend installed it for free!
I love the way it looks up against the hardwood..

Cost Breakdown:
Runner Installation $100.00
Runner: $80.00 LOWES
Hardware: $10.00 LOWES
Kilz: $15.00 WALMART
One Tread: $9.00 LOWES
Polyurethane: GARAGE FREEBIE :)
**carpet padding was included in installation**
TOTAL COST: $214.00


  1. That.Is.Gorgeous.

    Fantastic job.

  2. $215, how is that possible? My staircase cost me $600 and dosent look half as nice. I needed some freebies I guess.

  3. Cute DH and he is handy. You better hold on to him!

  4. :) We just came out of a renovation and there is lots of "garage freebies" laying around!

  5. You've done an awesome job with your entire house! I love this project though! It looks gorgeous! Thanks for the shout out - I'm inspired by all of my blog friends too, YOU included. :)


  6. I am so loving this. How long did you have to NOT walk on the stairs. Mine is spittin' image of yours and I hate the carpet.

  7. Wow, I can't stop looking at this DIY. I can totally visualize my basements steps done exactly like this. Thank you for your post!! NG

  8. Melinda,
    Your stairs turned out awesome! We are re-doing ours right now....did you use porch paint on them after you primed? Great job!!!


  9. Ticking and Toile, We actually just used semi-gloss interior Kiltz Paint.