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Friday, February 5, 2010

Love, Love, Love

Since this is the month for love...I thought I would dedicate one of my first post to some things I LOVE about the new house!

1. The Garage
  I've never understood why people use garages for man-caves and playrooms! Although, I can appreciate the beauty in one...such as this one:

cary bernstein architect

  But really, I just want to park in it. I want to warm up my car during the winter without having to go outside, protect my car from the elements, and store stuff in my various stages of undress in the morning! :)

2. The New Fridge
I eat crushed ice like it's I have my FIRST, very own candy maker!

3. My Bedroom
...that allows us to have TWO bedside tables. We did not have room for that luxury in our old house and it was so annoying to have to reach over my husband to get something off of it! Luckily, the furniture store we bought our bedroom set from still had them available at 20% off!

4. The Neighbors...on the right side
In our old neighborhood....our neighbors didn't like our smallest dog, Bentley. Although, I admit, he IS a bit hyper but due to the empty lot next door, we only have to worry about ONE set of neighbors!!

5. The Neighborhood
We came from a four-lane street, one of the busiest in our city. Directly in front of our house was a street light. Lovely. So we've relocated to a much quieter part of town...hopefully not the opposite extreme since most of them are retired!! So far, we love the peace and quiet!


  1. Looks perfect! I have 3 dogs and if I could have woods on one side I wouldnt have poop in my back yard! Im so Jealous!!

  2. We have two dogs and that's exactly what we do...take them over to the woods first thing in the morning!!